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Known Issues and Bugs

Known Issues and Bugs

World Builder is still under active development, and the current version should be considered an Alpha release. In other words, be prepared for it to crash at any point!

I have tested it under Windows 98 SE and Windows XP Pro.

Known Issues

Entry Validation

There is little or no validation on most of the edit boxes, and entering out-of-range values is likely to cause errors.

Notably, the image dimensions (on the Display panel of the World View page) should be kept in 1:3 ratio (e.g. 640 x 480, 800 x 600), otherwise the program is liable to produce errors.


World Builder has a feature (not mentioned elsewhere in this Help file) that if you double-click on a world map it will automatically set the latitude and longitude to the clicked location, double the zoom value, and regenerate the map with these new parameters. Unfortunately, the latitude/longitude position is only calculated correctly if the original zoom value was 1.0 -- for any other value the position will be wrong.

User Interface Icons

I'm no artist, especially when it comes to drawing icons. I've basically copied icons from various different (free) sources, and as a result I have often been forced to use icons that only have a vague connection to their actual purpose. Several defeated me altogether, (which why there is no icon for Copy to Series!). There is also a certain inconsistency of style, which is hardly surprising. At the moment I don't know how to get round this problem.

XP Themes

When running under a Windows XP theme, the coloring of the side panel title-bars goes awry (they seem to ignore the set colors, and become transparent), like this:


More significantly, the thumbnail images do not highlight when selected:


World Settings Files

Not so much an issue, more a design decision which perhaps needs some justification or at least explanation.

World Builder does not use the usual 'document' metaphor, whereby the user is always assumed to be working on a particular (named) file or document, and this document is then saved to disk as and when required. Although World Settings can be saved, they are treated more as a sort of bookmark, allowing you to restore a previous 'position'. This is why there is no simple 'Save' option, and why there is no 'New' option -- the closest that World Builder gets to this is the Reset World Settings options, which resets the settings to their defaults.

The current settings are always saved (to a default file) when World Builder is closed, and reloaded when it is next open.

When developing the application, this behaviour seemed to emerge naturally from the nature of the program. The only problem that I can see is that you can potentially lose a world if you use the Reset World Settings options without having saved the current settings.