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Using the Colors File Editor

The Colors File Editor is launched using the 'edit' button beside the colors file name on the Display panel of the World View page. Alternatively, you can use the Edit Colors File menu option from the Edit menu.

As you can see, World Builder uses a set of seven different colours, in four groups. Within each group it creates a smooth gradient -- this is displayed in the graduated bar down the right hand side, so that you can get an idea of what the final effect will be.

Editing colors

To edit a color, simply click the box that contains the color you want to change. The standard Windows color selection dialog will appear, with the current color selected. Select the new color, and click OK. The color box will change, and the graduated bar will automatically update to show you the effect of the new color.

Important: if you click OK after changing any of the colors, your changes will be automatically saved into the current colors file.

Creating a new file

Before you try to create a new colors file, you should be aware that when you do, the Colors Editor will start the new file with the currently selected set of colors. If you want to start with colors from a different file, open that file first, and then create a new file. If you want to start with the default colors instead, click the Reset button.

To create a new file, simply click the New File button beside the file name:

You will be asked for a name for the file (and will be warned if you choose a name which already exists, though you can choose to ignore this, and overwrite the existing file).

Saving a file

If you close the editor dialog by clicking Ok, the colors will be automatically saved into the current colors file. If you want to save the colors as a different file, create a new file first (see above).