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The Esperanto section of the website now has a brief guide to the grammar. I noticed that the dictionary was getting quite regular visitors (who are you?), so I thought it might be worth adding a little more information.


I've added a Second Life section to the main side bar. Visit the blog for an account of my own wanderings in this on-line virtual world.


The latest version of the World Builder program is now available for download. A new page, The Psyru, has been added to An Englishman In Medecia.


I've added a Site Map as a quick way of seeing (and jumping to) everything available on the web-site. Also, the Loegare dictionary has had about 90 new words added to it.


A new page, Hazelbrack, has been added to An Englishman In Medecia. Also, a few notes about the languages of Medísca can now be found on the Medísca Languages page.


The first release of my World Builder program, for creating random world maps, is now available for download. There is more information, along with the download link and some screen-shots, on the World Builder pages


The first draft of the world map of Medísca is now up on the site, as the first step in a complete mapping of the world. Each of the areas will eventually have their own large scale map.


I've added a feedback/comments page to the site, to act as a guestbook and (very) simple forum, just to see if anyone makes use of it. If it looks hopeful, I might replace it with a proper forum.


I've added a map of part of Skae to An Englishman In Medecia, showing the area covered so far by the narrator. This map will be expanded as the story/guide develops, and additional maps will be added as the traveller moves on to new area, and in the end I hope to have covered the whole of Medísca.


A few minor updates to the site, the only notable one being an addition to the introduction to conlangs, brought about by the sudden appearance of the famous/notorious Janko Gorenc on the Zompist bulletin board. There are some small changes to the Esperanto pages, and a few more words have been added to the Loegare Rosetta Text page.


Just in time for Halloween, A Ghostly Tale has been added to An Englishman In Medecia. I've tried to write it in imitation of the ghost stories of M R James, though I doubt that I have quite managed to capture the master's urbane style.


A new page (and some additions to the existing pages) added to An Englishman In Medecia. Also, a few new words added to the Loegare vocabulary.


An Englishman In Medecia now includes photos! Well, one photo at least, of Hargas Bay, with more to follow if all goes well. I'm using the excellent Terragen package to create them at the moment.


The Links page for Conlangs has been renamed to Resources, because this page now includes more than just links to other web-sites. I've started to include notes about books that I have read which have some relevance to conlanging.


I've started a new section for The Worlds of Romoene, in the form of an imaginary book called An Englishman In Medecia. It is a sort of fictional travelogue for the world of Medísca, which will introduce the various realms of Medísca, along with the history and at least a little on the languages. Whether I will actually finish it, and whether it will be of any interest to anybody, is a moot point.


The new version of the Esperanto dictionary is on-line, and now has over 2000 words in it.


A new version of the Loegare vocabulary is on-line. The content is the same, but is now divided alphabetically. At the moment this is really of any significance, as the whole vocabulary would fit comfortably on one page. If the vocabulary gets to any size, though, this new layout will make it much faster.

For those who are interested in such things, the vocabulary is now stored in a simple mySQL database, and accessed via PHP. I'll be doing the same for the Esperanto dictionary very shortly, if things go according to plan.


The Worlds of Romoene now have their own, distinctive section of the web-site, so that they are more self-contained, and have their own style.


Major changes behind the scenes, in that I have now moved the site to a new web-host, after the previous web-host seriously let me down (and I ended up with the site being off-line for a couple of weeks). I think everything is back up and running now.


Some new pages, and some changes to existing pages. The first of the more detailed account of the history of Medísca is now online, and covers the prehistory of the world. A new conlang essay, on the ideal auxlang, joins the existing two, and introduces Toki Pona, a language that I have just come across. There are also minor changes and additions to the Télos history page


After letting the site go dormant for quite a while (real-life got in the way, as it has a tendency to!) I have now started work on it again. The side-bar has been changed from a tree-view to an 'outlook' style bar, and the site has been slightly re-arranged. I am hoping to do work on the Medísca pages (under the world-building section) amongst other things.


A major change to the site, though the only visible sign is that the side menu is different and (subtle clue here) the pages are all .php instead of .html. I have started moving the site over to using PHP instead of standard HTML -- it should let me do some more interesting things, such as that side menu!


I have succumbed. On the navigation bar at the top of these pages you will see a new entry: weblog. Whether I shall actually keep this up is a moot point, but we shall see. Whether anyone will actually read it is equally moot.


The web-site has moved! I am now using my own domain,, with the eye of the storm running as a subdomain (because I eventually hope to have more than one site under the domain).

Started adding the Gazetteer section to the world of Medísca, including the first two maps.


Installed a new guestbook and forum, using Hosted Scripts.


Added the initial Strelwidhan pages, under the conlangs section.


Added the On Spam mini-essay.


Added the first couple of Medísca pages, including the brief history.


Changed the way the site is produced. Now using my own HTML Generator program to create the templates and generate the final pages. This makes it much easier to update the website if I make changes which affect many or all of the pages.


Added esperanto dictionary pages.


Added a web-counter (from to the main page.


Site put on-line.

23/09/2002 - 02/10/2002

Basic site created and tested offline.