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I originally tried creating this site using XML to store the content and layout, and then using XSLT to create the final HTML. This worked, and was relatively flexible, but ended up being far too much work for too little output, so I decided to go back to the traditional way of creating web-sites.

Not for me the WYSIWYG type of editor, though, because I want my site to be widely accessible and cross-browser, and I do not trust visual browsers for this.

At first I used HTML-Kit, a powerful and elegant HTML editor, with a built-in previewer to give immediate feedback on how the page is looking (and the ability to test the pages in any other browsers which you have installed on your computer), along with plenty of other features like templates and code-validation.

Now, however, I have switched over to generating the pages using PHP, which allows me to do tricks like the 'Outlook' bar down the left-hand side of these pages, whilst still keeping the pages compatible with all browser.

I test the pages in IE 6, Mozilla, Opera ...and Lynx! I also test them with the CSS style-sheet disabled, to make sure that they are still readable (if not so pretty!) in down-level browsers.

Yes, I previously used tables to enforce the page layout, but I now tend to do this with CSS.