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an introduction and partial explanation

Re-reading ni-Almaqorante I now find some parts of it (possibly large parts of it) rather embarrassing, to the extent that I thought of removing it altogether. However, it is probably already accessible through the Way-Back Machine, and quite possibly other places as well, which means that removing it is not really an option. Once something gets onto the Net, it can be very difficult to take it off the Net -- a warning to the impetuous! So, for better or worse, here it stays. I'll just ask for your indulgence -- much of this work is the product of a younger, weirder me. Mind you, some of it I still like. The Ramae is my favourite amongst my own (admittedly paltry) collection of poems. On the other hand, some of the Litanies now make me cringe.

-- 24 October, 2005

How to explain ni-Almaqorante? I began work on it many years ago, and the reasons for its existance have shifted emphasis a number of times since then.

In essence, it is a fictional grimoire - a book of myths and magic concerning a wholly imaginary cosmology and pantheon. It is an outlet for my creativity. It is the background to a collection of stories which have never been written. It is setting for a role-playing campaign which has never been played. It is incomplete, and will probably always remain so, as a perpetual work-in-progress.

It is also employed as a kind of psychological magic, the explanation of which would be too long-winded, too vague, and probably too specific to my own personality to be of great interest to others.

Why put something so personal on the web? Who knows? I tend not to examine my own motives too closely in such matters, otherwise I would never do anything. It's here in case anyone else finds it interesting.

One final note before I let you move on to the work itself. It opens with a frontispiece that contains a rather stern warning. This warning was on the original version, so I have left it in place, but I give you full leave to ignore it.

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