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The 'net is a huge and unwieldy place, full of blind alleys and the detritus of long-abandoned work. Amongst the dross, however, there is still plenty to be found which is interesting and useful. Here are a few of the web-sites that have caught my attention, but which do not fit under any of the other sections of this site. Pehaps you will find them worth a visit as well.

adventure games

Go north. Take lamp. Light lamp. Go on, you know you want to. A style of gaming that died a commercial death long ago, but which is still alive and kicking amongst devoted amateurs.

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Strangely named, but the best generic gaming system around. And it's free, although if you want to you can shell out for the nicely-printed version of the manual.

Comes with no background, no weapon lists, no creature stats, but infinite flexibility, all based around one simple dice roll mechanic and a basic set of levels for attributes and skills. In short, hugely customisable, perhaps dauntingly so if you are new to rpgs, designed for DMs who believe in creating their own worlds and game backgrounds.

If any my own ideas for PBeMs come to fruition, they will certainly use Fudge as the basis for their rules.

Buy it or download it from Grey Ghost Press, and talk about it (and find other Fudge-users) on the Phoenyx mailing list.

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world wide web consortium

The origin for HTML, CSS, XML, and all those other wonderful acronyms that we associate with the web. May be too technical for those who just want to create simple, personal web-sites, but if you create web-sites on a professional basis (or just want your web-sites to look professional) this is the place to go to download or read the full specs for everything.

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