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Loegare (loy-GAH-ray) is the language of Ardegn and Skae, which are provinces of Medsca, a fantasy world which has its own section elsewhere on this site.

If you simply want to know how to pronounce the names, you can just read the Pronunciation guide. If you are interested in the language itself, you will also find a brief (and very incomplete) grammar here, as well as a minimal vocabulary.

meta-historical notes

Loegare is the oldest of my conlangs, or at least the oldest one which still survives. It shows obvious influences of Tolkien's languages, along with a distinctly 'English' feel to a lot of the vocabulary, which is unsurprising for an early attempt at a conlang. In spite of its derivative nature, though, it remains my favourite amongst my conlangs, and I am still very much active in developing it.

The grammar has changed several times, and at some point I might include a page with one of the more interesting earlier versions of the grammar. The name of it has also changed several times. It began as a simple naming language, to generate place-names for an RPG world, but quickly took on a life of its own, as these things tend to do!

The vocabulary has a core of words that have remained fairly stable over the years, most of which are already included in the vocabulary on this site. I have a hand-written dictionary from several years ago which contains several hundred words. Some of these are now redundant, as they do not fit with the current phonography and etymology, but the rest of them should eventually find their way on to this site.