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what is this site?

the eye of the storm is my haven on the web, a place to relax and be myself, and ramble on at inordinate length about the things that interest me. If they are of no interest to you, there is always the back button on your browser. If they do interest you, you are welcome to send me an email. I am a friendly soul, and always happy to talk (but spam me and you will feel my wrath).

What will you find here? All sorts, mostly in creative areas, along with some programming stuff (creative in its own right, of course).

You want specifics? Well, most of the content is connected in one way or another with role-playing and world-creation. You will find pages about invented languages (conlangs, as they are known), and about invented worlds.

At some point I hope to set up a PBeM role-playing campaign through this site, and there are a few pages about the background for this. You will find them under the world-building link.

As for programming, the only pages I have at the moment are about ray-tracing (using the freeware package, POV-Ray). Eventually I hope to include pages about text-adventure games, and possibly about 3D programming.

There are also a few miscellaneous pages of things that interest me or appeal to me. Be prepared for the content-rating to go up a few notches in some places, though nothing beyond naughty but nice, I promise. And I'll give fair warning if you approach those pages.

who is pyter voeros?

Wanderer in cyberspace, host of this site, too close to middle-age for comfort, married with children. Not tall, not short, not fat, not thin. Fascinated equally by hard science, especially astronomy and cosmology, and by ancient history, ancient languages, and mythology. Also fascinated by the esoteric occult, which he doesn't believe a word of, but finds hugely entertaining.

Pyter Voeros is not his real name. But it's all you're going to get.

In the once upon a time days of the First Age of Magic, the prudent sorcerer regarded his own true name as his most valued possession but also the greatest threat to his continued good health, for - the stories go - once an enemy, even a weak unskilled enemy, learned the sorcerer's true name, then routine and widely known spells could destroy or enslave even the most powerful.

-- from True Names, by Vernor Vinge

Although personally he is deeply sceptical of such things, he finally succumbed to doing one of those 'personality-type' tests, according to which his Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP:

Introverted (I) 79% Extraverted (E) 21%
Intuitive (N) 73% Sensing (S) 27%
Feeling (F) 75% Thinking (T) 25%
Perceiving (P) 59% Judging (J) 41%

The particular test he used will be found here:

And if you are interested, here is a description of the INFP type. It's reasonably accurate, though there are a few things which don't really sound like Pyter, and it's more than possible that it suffers from the 'horoscope' effect, in that the descriptions of any of the other types would seem equally accurate.